3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Butchers Porvoo vs. Steelers Kuopio
  Date: Aug 14, 2021 • Site: Kuopio

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Ste 1-10on Ste36Bradley J pass complete to Harju H for 10 yards to the STE46, 1ST DOWN STE (Paananen J;Roiko N).
Ste 2-4on Ste26Lehtonen T rush for 10 yards to the STE36, 1ST DOWN STE (Roiko N;Kurvinen V).
Ste 1-10on Ste20Bradley J pass complete to Lindsten V for 6 yards to the STE26, out-of-bounds (Nuikka T).
Ste 1-10on Ste20Timeout Butchers Porvoo, clock 01:14.
Ste 1-10on Ste20STEELERS KUOPIO drive start at 01:14.
 Drive: 5 plays, minus 2 yards, TOP 3:01
But 4-25on Ste43Seppanen M punt 43 yards to the STE0, touchback.
But 3-21on Ste39Harris J pass complete to McAllen S for loss of 4 yards to the STE43 (Floret K).
But 2-15on Ste33Harris J sacked for loss of 6 yards to the STE39 (Raiji S;Allen I).
But 1-10on Ste28Harris J rush for loss of 5 yards to the STE33 (Allen I).
But 3-1on Ste32Harris J pass incomplete to Ihanza B, PENALTY STE offside defense 4 yards to the STE28, 1ST DOWN BUT, NO PLAY.
But 2-8on Ste39Harris J pass complete to Nikkinen S for 7 yards to the STE32, out-of-bounds (Laine R).
But 1-10on Ste41McAllen S rush for 2 yards to the STE39 (Lindqvist J;Allen I).
But 1-10on Ste41BUTCHERS PORVOO drive start at 04:15.
Ojanvali M kickoff 58 yards to the BUT7, McAllen S return 52 yards to the STE41 (Bakker C).
 Drive: 7 plays, 23 yards, TOP 2:39
Steelers Kuopio 37, Butchers Porvoo 0
Ste 4-7on But12Ojanvali M field goal attempt from 22 GOOD, clock 04:31.
Ste 3-7on But12Bradley J pass incomplete to Marshall I.
Ste 2-7on But12Bradley J pass incomplete to Lindsten V.
Ste 1-10on But15Lehtonen T rush for 3 yards to the BUT12 (Roiko N;Pennanen N).
Ste 2-6on But20PENALTY BUT unsportsmanlike conduct (Pennanen N) 5 yards to the BUT15, 1ST DOWN STE.
Ste 1-10on But24Lehtonen T rush for 4 yards to the BUT20 (Reels A).
Ste 2-16on But41Reasnover L rush for 17 yards to the BUT24, 1ST DOWN STE (Roiko N;Pennanen N).
Ste 1-10on But35Reasnover L rush for loss of 6 yards to the BUT41 (Kurvinen V;Roiko N).
Ste 1-10on But35STEELERS KUOPIO drive start at 06:54.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 11 yards, TOP 1:51
But 4-21on But24Seppanen M punt 41 yards to the STE35, Bafdile A return 30 yards to the BUT35 (Suomalainen JP).
But 3-19on But26Harris J rush for loss of 2 yards to the BUT24, out-of-bounds (Floret K).
But 2-19on But26Harris J pass incomplete to Seppanen M.
But 2-9on But36Harris J rush for no gain to the BUT36, PENALTY BUT holding (Siltakorpi) 10 yards to the BUT26, NO PLAY.
But 1-10on But35McAllen S rush for 1 yard to the BUT36 (Allen I;Wright Jr M).
But 1-10on But35BUTCHERS PORVOO drive start at 08:45.
Ojanvali M kickoff 60 yards to the BUT5, Seppanen M return 30 yards to the BUT35 (Raiji S;Vaija E).
Steelers Kuopio 34, Butchers Porvoo 0
Ojanvali M kick attempt good.
 Drive: 4 plays, 22 yards, TOP 1:48
But 4-6on But25Seppanen M punt 34 yards to the STE41, Bafdile A return 59 yards to the BUT0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 08:53.
But 3-6on But25Harris J pass incomplete to Seppanen M.
But 2-12on But19Harris J pass complete to Ihanza B for 6 yards to the BUT25 (Steffen L).
But 1-10on But21TEAM rush for loss of 2 yards to the BUT19, fumble by TEAM recovered by BUT TEAM at BUT19.
But 1-10on But03McAllen S rush for 18 yards to the BUT21, 1ST DOWN BUT (Bafdile A;Steffen L).
But 1-10on But03BUTCHERS PORVOO drive start at 10:41.
 Drive: 4 plays, 9 yards, TOP 1:10
Ste 1-15on But25Bradley J pass intercepted by Nuikka T at the BUT3, Nuikka T return 0 yards to the BUT3.
Ste 1-10on But20PENALTY STE false start (Lindsten V) 5 yards to the BUT25.
Ste 3-2on But26Reasnover L rush for 6 yards to the BUT20, 1ST DOWN STE (Nuikka T;Roiko N).
Ste 2-10on But34Reasnover L rush for 8 yards to the BUT26 (Nuikka T).
Ste 1-10on But34Bradley J pass incomplete to Marshall I.
Ste 1-10on But34STEELERS KUOPIO drive start at 11:51.
Seppanen M kickoff 42 yards to the STE23, Raiji S return 43 yards to the BUT34 (Seppanen M).
 Drive: 2 plays, 22 yards, TOP 0:16
But 2-10on Ste44Start of 3rd quarter, clock 12:00, BUT ball on BUT35.